Phyllis MacLaren
Message Series/Human Rights
May 24 - June 29, 2007

Southwestern Illinois College
Belleville, Illinois

Also showing . . .
Edward & Helen Karasek
Laurie Blaes

A few photos of the public reception, 6 to 8 pm, Thursday, May 24. For more about MacLaren's art, visit

The Schmidt Art Center has posted information, including a video, about the show and its opening ceremonies.

XX "Thank you for joining me this evening and in giving homage to the brave people represented here in my art work.
X"As I researched these pieces I found myself humbled by the stories. I hope the ones still living are safe as we gather.
X"I hope you will remember some of their names and be witness to their courage."
XXXXX Phyllis MacLaren

For more about MacLaren's art pictured here, visit

A few of twenty-five rocks dedicated to individuals imprisoned because of their non-violent political views. They represent countless oppressed people around the world whose messages go unheard.


Another pretty good web page by Grant MacLaren.
Posted May 25, 2007